Do you focus on the negatives?
Struggle to see the good in things?
Become overwhelmed with day to day life?
Lack of confidence stopping you from achieving?
Life a struggle?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is different from other forms of therapy. It allows you to move towards a positive goal and a positive future. Each session is person centred and allows the client to focus on all the achievements they have made and work towards their own personal positive outcomes. This modern day approach of hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation ( trance) and clinically proven techniques to help people make a positive change to their lives in a relatively short amount of time. From the first initial consultation I sit and discuss how the brain works and why we feel the way we do. How over a period of time we can manifest negativity and expel it in different ways and how working together we can move forward and positively manage the way you feel.

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy in Bourne has helped many people get their lives back on track and enjoy all the good things that life can bring. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can not only deal with stress and anxiety, it can also help those who have issues with depression, trauma, pain, illness, confidence, public speaking, phobias, weight management, OCD and much more.

The Initial consultation is FREE of charge and begins the journey towards a positive and relaxed attitude towards life. I work with adults and children aged 6+. Sessions are £70. Hypnotherapy at home available upon request.


Kalm Kidzz is a weekly class that allows young people positive time to relax. A 45 minute session involving positive reflection on the weeks achievements either with discussion or writing down personal achievements. Raising positive awareness of positive thoughts, actions and interactions with others. Concluded with a quiet deep relaxation of the body and mind. All ages 5+ welcome. Classes limited to 8 children per week so booking essential. Please bring something to lay on and a blanket to ensure comfort when relaxing.

Classes: Thursday: The Wild Orange, Corby Glen @ 3.45pm

Friday: Room 23, Wake House @ 5.15pm

Sessions are £8 per class per child.

250_positive-relaxationPOSITIVE RELAXATION

Positive relaxation classes are based at Wake House every Friday at 1pm for half an hour. The classes include positive conversation to reflect the positive achievements of the week. This raises awareness of positive thought, actions and interactions that we have had over the week. Includes 20 minutes of quiet deep relaxation either laying down or sitting in a chair. This is a wonderful class enabling time to reflect and switch off after a busy week and getting ready for a relaxing weekend ahead. Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 people so booking essential.

Please bring something to lay on and a blanket and pillow to ensure comfort during relaxation. Fee £5 per week. Please contact to book a space.

Welcome to Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, based at Wake House in Bourne, Lincolnshire. I work with adults and young children aged 6+, helping them to achieve positive change and a positive future by approaching their issue in a person centred and solution focused way. Solution focused hypnotherapy is forward thinking and focuses on positive outcomes for the future. During a session we sit and talk about what the client would like to achieve in a relaxed and friendly enviroment. Using hypnotherapy to access the subconscious and talk about positive outcomes whilst in a deep relaxed state (trance). Solution focused hypnotherapy is beneficial for anyone with issues relating to: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger, Confidence, Phobias, Post traumatic stress, Pain, OCD, Childbirth, Sports performance and much more…
Along with individual sessions I also run positive relaxation classes and workshops. For adults Positive relaxation and young people kalm kidzz. Theses classes both enable the body time to relax and the mind to take a break from everyday life.

Nicole Woodcock, Dsfh, Afsfh(reg)Ddn

Nicole has 17 years experience of working within the care sector. Working with the elderly, teenagers and young people with additional needs and challenging behavior. She enjoys working with children and has always had a passion working with those that require additional support and care. Nicole has extensive training both in safeguarding, ADHD, autism and behavioral issues.

“Hypnotherapy found me. After the birth of my son I really struggled and was fortunate enough to find out about solution focused hypnotherapy. The whole process changed my life. This was a turning point in my life where I knew I had to encourage people to try it and what better way, than to become a solution focused hypnotherapist. Within a short time hypnotherapy will make positive changes in your life, relax you in ways you have never experienced and allow you to choose a brighter more positive future for yourself. I’ve tried it.. so why don’t you.”

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy proudly won Peterborough New Small business of the Year 2017

Thoroughly enjoy attending positive relaxation and with Nicoles help I have managed to kick a 25 year addiction to diet coke. I couldn’t of done this without her. Very helpful and uplifting lady. Highly recommended.

Pauline, Bourne

Nicole has bought me back to the person I used to know. She gives off a warm and happy feeling that you take home with you. I cant wait to see her and have one of our fantastic and positive chats. I would highly recommend anyone going to see her.

Liz, Deeping

Nicole is amazing at what she does. She has helped me so much over the past few months. The passion she has for hypnotherapy along with her kind and friendly manner can only set her up for a bright and successful future.

Jayne, London


Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

Room 23 . Wake House . Bourne . PE10 9AE
Phone/Text: 07540 873928  .  Email: info@hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

Call 07540 873928
Room 23 . Wake House
Bourne . PE10 9AE

Wake House, 41 North St, Bourne PE10 9AE, UK

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