Random acts of kindness 2023

This year we have just launched the random acts of kindness for 2023 

An initiative that began a few years ago when I gifted a bunch of flowers and a coffee to someone struggling and going through a hard time. They sent me a message a few days later to thank me for such a kind gesture when they were going through a difficult time. 

Following on from this day I decided to begin gifting to people that I had heard were going above and beyond for others and then began to involve my network of small businesses in the local area too. Friends and family began to donate too.  

Over the last four years this initiative has donated over 100 gifts to people in the community who just go about their day giving to others and expecting nothing in return. 

This year we’re doing it again. So I am looking for gifts and also nominations of people to receive them. The Random Acts of kindness launches on the 1st Dec 2023 and will begin to deliver within Bourne and surrounding areas everyday until Christmas. This initiative  

 If you want to take part or nominate please email me directly on info@hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk or pop me a call on 07540873928 

The Bourne Well Being Event

This month is really exciting for Hummingbird Hypnotherapy organising and sponsoring the Bourne Well Being Event. 

This event is now in its sixth year and has raised a considerable amount of money for local charities within the area in that time. 

The aim of these events Is to showcase a variety of different local businesses that support and boost well being. There are 21 stalls on the day plus the addition of booking a mini treatment. 

Included in this years event we have angel card readers, tarot, psychics, crystals, gifts, spiritual artwork, hypnotherapy, reflexology, body care and more. 

There are also four workshops running during the day. Yoga, meditation, sound therapy and yoga/pilates. So you can bring comfortable clothes and your yoga mat too.  

There will be refreshments available throughout the day plus an extensive raffle including some amazing prices. 

This event is FREE to attend and children are welcome. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 


What is Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Many people I speak to are interested in the work I do but don’t understand how it works. Still even now in the 21st century we have this common misconception of mind control or clucking like a chicken. Most of which is media driven and usually involves images from comedy sketches and stage hypnotism that is far from the therapeutic tool of hypnosis and psychotherapy, that is incorporated into solution focused clinical hypnotherapy. A phrase coined by a gentleman called David Newton. He has taken the best elements of CBT, NLP, SFBT and Hypnotherapy to bring a modern and up to date therapy. Supporting clients to move away from the past, process and gain confidence to support a more positive future.


This wonderful therapy is based on neuroscience and our ability to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. A brain that is consistently reminded of all the problems will only focus on them and more to keep us anxious, stressed, worried, depressed. A brain that can relax even just a little can begin to find its own solutions.


As a practitioner, I don’t tell you what to do. I support you to find your own solutions and more importantly utilise the benefits of trance. This being just a state of focused attention very much likened to day dreaming. It supports your brain to figure out the solutions and more importantly put your body into a state of rest and digest. ( The place good things happen )


So who can benefit? Well the short answer is everyone. There are many solution focused clinical hypnotherapists up and down the country and many have specialisms. I specialise in working with children and adults with additional, neurodiverse and emotional needs. This area really excites me and has been a huge part of all the roles I have worked in most of my adult career.


I do however support clients outside of this. With stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or just those that feel stuck with something and can’t see a way through it.


My first experience of this therapy was as a case study a few weeks after having my son. We had quite a traumatic experience and solution focused clinical hypnotherapy gave me the confidence I needed to be able to cope with the change of being a mum, resolve past trauma and to feel comfortable feeding my son in public. This wonderful experience then lead to a beautiful hypno birth of my daughter at home three years later. Safe to say it has had a phenomenal impact on my life so much so I now practice it and teach it too.


If you are wanting further information on this therapy head to www.hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk

Resolutions versus reality


Happy New Year… 2023 is slowly rolling itself in and it’s that time of year again where our socials are bombarded with ‘New year, new you!’ headlines, diets, goals and plans.  

In the new year we should be supporting ourselves to slowly step into a new year and take our time to support where we are right now. 

We have just stepped through one of the busiest months in our calendar and celebrated the festive season and then expected to flip life on its head, get healthy, move more, stop drinking, quit smoking and all the other resolutions you just gave yourself. 

 We all know that within a few days of this ‘new me’ energy something will trigger the old pattern of behaviour and all of a sudden a take away looks like a great idea and a bad day of work is now an excuse for a glass of wine. 

Habits don’t change themselves overnight.  

Our ability to change something also depends on how much stress we are under. If we lead a relaxed and predominately stress free lifestyle we are more resilient and able to change those habits quite easily. 

Whereas if we’re feeling quite stressed and putting additional pressure on ourselves to reach a certain goal then we are more likely to fail and not achieve it. 

 You see, our brain is wired for threat and change, if we have formed a negative habit, once we try and change it, our brain sends an alert that tells us not too. ‘This is different’ and so stays where it is. 

 The trick is to change one small thing at a time. Particularly if you know your stressed and struggle to adapt to new things. 

Write a list of everything you would like to improve on over this year. Put everything down no matter how silly it may be. Then find the one that you know right now you can change. 

You may start with eating a healthy breakfast. Just one healthy meal at a time. You could start taking regular walks and then build up to running or going to the gym. Meditating for 2 minutes and building it up weekly. Drop one glass of wine and then decrease it. Reduce caffeine one cup a week. 

 Making those small changes will support your brain to adapt more easily but it also takes away the pressure. A goal is a goal if it’s important you will always reach it. 

 If you are struggling with your mental health, support and habit change then book an initial consultation. Available face to face and online. 

How to calm mood swings

woman on swing hypnotherapy lincolnshire

Is it summer yet? 

I only ask because this wonderful interchangeable weather were having can be very much like our behaviour and mood. One day were all sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds the next dark, stormy and dark. The way we behave can have a huge impact on how we feel and on others around us too.

How we show up in the world really reflects in or day to day life. If we are relaxed and happy and go with the flow things can be easier, smoother and any bumps in the road can be over come easily.

If we are constantly looking for problems, thinking and speaking negatively then chances are we will find more things go wrong and were blaming everything on other people. 

But how do we overcome this? How can we begin to take back some control and calm our mood swings?

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Can hypnotherapy support business owners?


Over the last few years and especially during covid, Hummingbird Hypnotherapy has supported many small businesses who were struggling to get motivated or even see that light at the end of the tunnel through lockdown. We’ve supported business owners with Hypnotherapy both in Lincolnshire and further afield.

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5 ways to be kind to yourself over Christmas and the New Year

hypnotherapy lincolnshire boure, flower in hands

Christmas can be a busy time of year for many of us. We may find ourselves putting our own needs last. When January hits and the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year is over we need to make sure we are getting plenty of fulfilment and self-care in to avoid those ‘January blues’ creeping in, creating a dip in our energy levels. Even as a trained solution focussed hypnotherapist I still need to put in place some measures to ensure that I am kind to myself.

If you put some work in now, and start building in some ways to be kind to yourself, then you can look upon January as a time for self-care and love with more ease.

Here are 5 ways to be kind to yourself as you head into 2022.

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