How do you keep it all together?

Ever noticed those people in life that just seem to have their shit together? They always seem to be on time, post amazing family photos on social media and always look like they know exactly what they are doing!

But we forget that these moments we see are fleeting. Just seconds in time.

In a single glance we can make the assessment that the person we see has it all worked out. How they act, show up, take care of themselves. And INSTANTLY we start to make comparisons with our own lives.

If we’re in a really stressful place this can exacerbate negative questioning about where we are.

  • Why can’t I look like that
  • How did they get their kids to do that?
  • Why don’t we go to those places?

Ever heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”?

The only person putting pressure on where we are right now, and how we think we ought to be, is us!

Everything that happens to you, makes you uniquely you

Life throws curveballs at us that we have to manage and deal with but they show parts of ourselves we may have forgotten about.

The parent of a child struggling with their mental health and putting all she has on hold to support to the best of her ability. Loves her child so much that she does all she has to, to support her.

The mum whose job role changes and now doesn’t know what’s next because they never considered it would ever change. And recognising she is worthy of something new.

The bald mum rocking up at the school run trying not to worry about what others think of her. Still having the confidence to wear what she wants.

The dad juggling two jobs because that’s the only way he feels he can support his family, wearing a jolly attitude but exhausted on the inside.

None of us has it all!

None of us has our shit together.

But the fact we continue to keep showing up and keep going makes me realise that all of these life lessons keep us moving forward.

It’s not what we look like, the job we have, the car we drive – it’s being human. Human enough to share the hard times, human enough to be honest, human enough to seek support and reassurance.

Human enough to know that whatever you’re going through, wherever you are right now, it’s enough.

Enough for you.