Is self-care selfish?

Everyone talks about self-care and how it can help us to become better versions of ourselves by giving ourselves time out of a busy schedule. But is self-care selfish?

It becomes quite apparent to me that if you have to find time or set aside time for self-care then clearly there’s a lot going on in life. We have the busiest lifestyles we’ve ever had we are more stress than we’ve ever had and we have the additional chore of looking after ourselves. When did that become a thing?

I remember growing up that Saturday morning was always a time for my mum to give herself some pamper time knowing there’s no school run and no work either and that live and kicking on the TV would look after us while she took that time out. Now it seems that self-care needs to be more extravagant from spa days to mini breaks and retreating away for weekends with friends. When did self-care get so big? Why do we need to be so extravagant when self-care actually starts from the moment you wake up everyday and should just be part of your daily routine?



Take a car for example. If you buy a new car you look after it, you make sure it’s clean, you make sure it’s serviced and more importantly fill it with fuel to keep it going. I’m guessing you look after it to the best of your ability with what you have at the time. Human bodies are no different. We actually spend a lot of our time ignoring our ability to care for ourselves because we’re worried about others or being too stressed, too busy or too tired to actually slow down and give ourselves the time we need. Self-care can be time to just sit with your thoughts to have a hot shower, to relax in new PJ’s and even walking the dog. Self-care also looks like an early night and prioritising your week depending on the energy you have at the time. Self-care isn’t doing more. Self-care should be a non negotiable and should always be in your diary first. If self-care is always in your diary first then you will always be first. If you don’t start by looking after you who does?

I always find it strange in practise working with some clients because self-care goes out of the window because busy always takes over but when you’re caring for others who’s looking out for you? Whether you’re a busy Mum or you’re a working Dad whether you’re sitting exams or going through retirement, giving yourself the best opportunity to be the best you can be on that day is so important. When did you last put yourself first?

If you need support to be able to do this because looking after yourself hasn’t been a priority then get in touch.

Hummingbird hypnotherapy offers a free initial consultation for all new clients and can help you set your non negotiables and make sure looking after you is your first priority.