How to calm mood swings

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Is it summer yet? 

I only ask because this wonderful interchangeable weather were having can be very much like our behaviour and mood. One day were all sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds the next dark, stormy and dark. The way we behave can have a huge impact on how we feel and on others around us too.

How we show up in the world really reflects in or day to day life. If we are relaxed and happy and go with the flow things can be easier, smoother and any bumps in the road can be over come easily.

If we are constantly looking for problems, thinking and speaking negatively then chances are we will find more things go wrong and were blaming everything on other people. 

But how do we overcome this? How can we begin to take back some control and calm our mood swings?

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Can hypnotherapy support business owners?


Over the last few years and especially during covid, Hummingbird Hypnotherapy has supported many small businesses who were struggling to get motivated or even see that light at the end of the tunnel through lockdown. We’ve supported business owners with Hypnotherapy both in Lincolnshire and further afield.

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5 ways to be kind to yourself over Christmas and the New Year

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Christmas can be a busy time of year for many of us. We may find ourselves putting our own needs last. When January hits and the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year is over we need to make sure we are getting plenty of fulfilment and self-care in to avoid those ‘January blues’ creeping in, creating a dip in our energy levels. Even as a trained solution focussed hypnotherapist I still need to put in place some measures to ensure that I am kind to myself.

If you put some work in now, and start building in some ways to be kind to yourself, then you can look upon January as a time for self-care and love with more ease.

Here are 5 ways to be kind to yourself as you head into 2022.

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Random Acts of Kindness 2021

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire Acts of Kindness

November for Hummingbird Hypnotherapy sees the beginning of collecting donations and nominations for this year’s random act of kindness.

Three years ago I began gifting random acts to people who just needed a gentle lift around the festive season. Realising how great it felt to gift random things to people, from costa vouchers to boxes of chocolates, I drew on a wonderful group of small businesses I knew, to support with it the following year.

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Reflecting on my Hypnotherapy Journey

Quietly sat listening to our new cohort of hypnotherapy students in Nottingham putting each other into trance seems today to be quite poignant. 


Having realised that six years ago this was me. Taking that first step after becoming a mummy for a second time to join a new course and learn to become a solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist practitioner.

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How to feel comfortable on your own

I have often wondered about how people feel about being on their own. Taking time to just be with yourself and enjoy your own company. For a long time I always imagined it to be quite uncomfortable, my own negative brain screaming at me shouting ‘look at that loner on her own, obviously has no friends’. I have often sat and admired people that are just happy to sit and read a paper and have a coffee within their own company and wondering if they have this annoying scenario pop up and shout at them too.

So how do we start to feel comfortable on our own?

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