Children’s Mental Health Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy can be of great benefit for children and teenagers with mental health issues including those with neuro diverse needs such as ASD and ADHD, emotional and behavioural issues.

Nicole has a background of working with children with additional needs including ADHD and Autism and utilises this experience in her hypnotherapy practice here in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Offering a supportive and fun environment. It is important to create a positive connection when having therapy and it’s something Nicole prides herself on.

Having a positive relationship with your therapist supports positive connection and a greater ability to be more motivated and accountable to feeling more positive and relaxed.

Nicole supports young people to find solutions to their own issues by exploring what things would be different if they were feeling happier and focusing on what is going well. When we know HOW we work, we can find solutions to support positive change for our mental health.

A FREE initial consultation supports the process and provides valuable information on the neuroscience behind behaviour and the chemical process we need to change it.

Recent client work has included

  • Generalised anxiety
  • Support returning to school
  • Sitting exams
  • Issues around toileting
  • Tics and habits
  • Confidence
  • Inclusive of current issues surrounding covid and the many anxieties this has bought to children.

Sarah a mum of 9 year old Sam, said

”the support has been so valuable during the pandemic and keeping Sam motivated and focused on the positive during lockdown and home schooling. Being able to share her achievements and set positive goals to work towards has really enabled her to grow and reduced her anxiety considerably”

If you wish to book a free initial consultation or arrange a call please contact Nicole on 07540873928 or email

You can also download a copy of my free guided relaxation


Free ‘What’s been good?’ download

Through the power of positive thoughts, we can ask our children ‘What’s been good?’ at the end of every day to change their brain’s state. This reduces anxiety and puts the brain in the best possible place before their head hits the pillow to promote calmness and sleep.

This download not only asks what’s been good but includes prompts you can work through with your child.

The ‘What’s been good?’ principle has been tried and tested in my practice for many years and becomes a daily habit that children not only love, but that starts to change those neural pathways. Children can take control of their own feelings and emotions and begin to recognise the good instead of focusing on the bad.

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