About me

Nicole owns and runs Hummingbird Hypnotherapy in Bourne, Lincolnshire, and has 17 years experience of working within the care sector. Working with the elderly, teenagers and young people with additional needs and challenging behaviour. She enjoys working with children and has always had a passion working with those that require additional support and care. Nicole has extensive training both in safeguarding, ADHD, autism and behavioural issues.

“Hypnotherapy found me. After the birth of my son I really struggled and was fortunate enough to find out about solution focused hypnotherapy. The whole process changed my life. This was a turning point in my life where I knew I had to encourage people to try it and what better way, than to become a solution focused hypnotherapist. Within a short time hypnotherapy will make positive changes in your life, relax you in ways you have never experienced and allow you to choose a brighter more positive future for yourself. I’ve tried it… so why don’t you.”