Being on your own

I have often wondered about how people feel about being on their own. Taking time to just be with yourself and enjoy your own company. For a long time I always imagined it to be quite uncomfortable, my own negative brain screaming at me shouting ‘ look at that loner on her own’,  ‘ obviously has no friends’. I have often sat and admired people that are just happy to sit and read a paper and have a coffee within their own company and wondering if they have this annoying scenarios pop up and shout at them too.

I remember quite vividly living on my own in Leicester and a friend of mine just mentioned that maybe I should take myself for coffee in my favourite shop to overcome the fear of being on my own. I took him up on it, grabbed my book and headed out. Scared!

I found a quiet corner ordered a mega mocha and sat and read. After 5 minutes the noise in my head began to quieten and I got lost in my book in a caffeine fuelled daze.

These days its very different. In between work commitments and family alone time seems like such a privilege if not a reward for juggling everything in the week and surviving. I spend most my mornings in anxiety mode getting my children ready aiming to be on time for school. Inevitably im always late and instead of adding that too my bucket of negative crap I embraced it. In actual fact we now have a joke about it with all the other late mums. We now aim to beat each other.

Our fear stops us from making a proper assessment of the situation. It bombards us with lies and will continue to do so unless we take control and work with it.

Enjoy that quiet time, fill it with things that you love. Learn to have the courage and confidence to step outside of the wall you have built inside your head, one step at a time.

We all want to achieve things now! We have everything we need at the touch of a button but we have forgotten to give back and enjoy time with ourselves without technology. Those hobbies, crafts, exercises you enjoy doing are all the things that make you feel good and the things that enable you to process positive information and move forward. Take a moment to find that one goal that will help you to step outside of that comfort zone and spend sometime with you.

Whilst writing this months article I stepped outside with my laptop and headed to Stamford enjoying tea and cake at The Lean Pantry. I found a spot to people watch and thoroughly enjoyed my time writing. Eating chocolate cake and a matcha latte. Just time with me.

If you struggle with anxiety, fearful of stepping outside those comfort zones and need a confidence boost to move you forward in life. Get in touch.

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