I just need to sort my s**t out!!!! 

There is no denying that in today’s world we seem to have more responsibilities than ever before. Add to that the pressure to not only be ALL things to ALL people, but keep up self care, look and feel amazing, and you’ve got a recipe for pressure-induced overload!

We start to think that if we can just do that one thing right, then everything else will be okay. Then the one thing turns to two, or three, or four or five!

The Tomorrows!

How many times have you gone to bed with a head full of tomorrow? 

  • Tomorrow I’m going to eat better 
  • Tomorrow I’m going to get up and workout 
  • Tomorrow I’m going to be more productive

It’s a coping mechanism we use to try and reduce underlying anxieties. Yes, making a list of things we want to do is helpful, but without putting into place the steps we need to get there, the goals of tomorrow just become wishes.  Wishes that we end up forgetting.

We wake up the next today and everything changes, we press snooze, forget last nights promises and the day starts with the vicious circle of reminding ourselves of all the things we haven’t done.

How do we get past it?

The thing is I hear this all of the time in practice – jeezzz some days this is also me!

Despite all the hype about being super productive, motivated and on it, everyday stresses, anxieties and life can get on top of what we really intend to do. Leaving you being the last person to work on.  When we know that deep down, you need to come first!

Stress in life can really take its toll in overthinking and accumulating negative thoughts. These thoughts can lead to anxiety and our inability to think rationally.  

The question is, do you want to change and commit to helping yourself?  Are you going to put yourself first?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can support you to think more positively, act in a more positive way and have the confidence to interact with others. 

You can get a FREE initial consultation with me and we’ll talk about your goals and whether hypnotherapy is right for you.

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