Overcoming Loss with Clinical Hypnotherapy

Grief. A place of loss and sadness.

It has so many different emotions attached to it. Grief can be physical, behavioural, social, spiritual, it comes with so many different dimensions.

How do we grieve?

Well, like everything else, we are all different within loss. It depends on the connection you have with that person but also where you are in life and the events leading up to that point.

I lost my Nan this week after a six week stint in hospital.

Hard enough at this time when I couldn’t see her and keep her spirits up but the last week we could visit and that helped.

She has always been one of my favourite people, knew how to say just the right thing and offer a hug when needed or ice cream.

As I have got older I have begun to see loss beyond the sadness it can bring, I am well aware of the fluctuating emotions but even more aware of the memories and the knowing that she taught me so much. I have continued to ask myself what I have also learnt from her too because it has supported who I have become over the last 40 years. From the knowledge of nature to the love of a good crossword but more than anything, the fun in mischief.

How do you move on?

Many have lost and that can have its heaviness but the lightness comes from the learnings and the ability to tap into all that was good about that relationship and the parts that ultimately make you smile.

Grief is a process which affects people in different ways – it can be a constant reminder or an odd wobbly day. We all work differently.

If you’re struggling to overcome a loss, clinical hypnotherapy can really help to support the process and see things more clearly.

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