Reflecting on my Hypnotherapy Journey

Quietly sat listening to our new cohort of hypnotherapy students in Nottingham putting each other into trance seems today to be quite poignant. 


Having realised that six years ago this was me. Taking that first step after becoming a mummy for a second time to join a new course and learn to become a solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist practitioner.

At the time I had no idea where it would lead. 


Being a hypnotherapy lecturer is a privilege

It becomes quite a privilege now to be part of the story in someone else’s choice to do this life-changing qualification. The ability to talk about the passion of these people who all showed up on the same day. To change the way we look at mental health and have the confidence in ourselves to build successful hypnotherapy practices. 


Becoming a lecturer wasn’t on my radar, just like becoming a solution-focused hypnotherapist really. Someone else saw the potential in me and just pointed me in the right direction. Sitting the course for the second time landed differently, I learnt again and cemented the knowledge even further and regained quite a buzz in my hypnotherapy practice feeling more confident about the potential this was going to bring. 



I have been really fortunate. My first bunch of students were really supportive and helped me to gain the level of lecturing I needed, but more importantly, made me accept that the way I share information and knowledge lands well in a more practical sense.


I love talking about relevant case studies and sharing experience from practice to show how amazing this modality is. I also had a very good teacher in Gary who saw the potential in me not only as a student but also now as a teacher.  


My hypnotherapy journey will never end

Three years on, I’m still learning, tweaking sessions and getting those belly bubbles that show up from time to time when we meet new people. But, now I’m in control of that. You see all through this process I’ve worked on myself too. Managing my anxiety and negative thoughts so that I can feel confident to enjoy this path I appear to have been put on.



I’ve become the trees that move in the breeze, that river that overcame those particular rocks and obstacles, that picture that I chose to paint for myself. In that room, with that door, the very special room just for me. 


I still go there from time to time, just to reassess and reassure myself it’s all good. Who knew. 


The funny thing about my story is that I never knew a single thing about hypnotherapy. A quiet nudge in the right direction allowed me to find a space in which I feel I truly fit. 


Now that is a perfect day. 


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