How to calm mood swings

Is it summer yet? 

I only ask because this wonderful interchangeable weather were having can be very much like our behaviour and mood. One day were all sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds the next dark, stormy and dark. The way we behave can have a huge impact on how we feel and on others around us too.

How we show up in the world really reflects in or day to day life. If we are relaxed and happy and go with the flow things can be easier, smoother and any bumps in the road can be over come easily.

If we are constantly looking for problems, thinking and speaking negatively then chances are we will find more things go wrong and were blaming everything on other people. 

But how do we overcome this? How can we begin to take back some control and calm our mood swings?

Calm the negative self-talk

 Mood can affect everything and sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to go from ok to blow a fuse and losing your s**t. 

One main reason for this happening is that we have a lot going on and were thinking negatively.

Maybe sat mulling over past events that we can no longer control or looking ahead over the next week trying to pin point things that will go wrong.

Thinking this way can begin to increase our stress levels and create anxiety. This begins to have an impact on our fight or flight system and fill up that metaphorical stress bucket.  

If we spend our time finding more things to put in the bucket sooner or later it will overflow creating a primitive response. Anger, additional anxiety or depression. Sometimes a combination of all three, plus additional physical symptomology. This can look like:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Mood swings
  • Skin issues
  • Heart palpitations and panic attacks
  • Cancelling events and struggling to leave the house
  • No motivation
  • Fatigue


To name but a few. 


Creating Self Awareness

So what can we do about it?

Once we become aware of it happening we can begin to work on changing it. Self-awareness is key. If something doesn’t feel quite right we can either get stuck worrying about it or get support to help fix it. 

To start, begin by allowing your focus to see and look for what is going well.

Appears quite simple, doesn’t it?  

When we choose to redirect our attention to the things that are going well for us, we gain intellectual control. Which means we then access the part of the brain that can find solutions and more importantly gift our brain a chemical response in the form of serotonin to get us back on the happy train. 

women celebrating hypnotherapy lincolnshire

The trick is to be consistent. Find certain parts in your day where you can reflect on “What’s been good?”

Commit to getting them written down and if needed set a regular alarm as a reminder every day to check in. 

If you think of finding those good things like a dot to dot picture, each small dot directs us towards a bigger picture that rewards us at the end. 

Are you struggling to find the positives in life?

Finding days difficult and motivation low?

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