Random acts of kindness 2023

This year we have just launched the random acts of kindness for 2023 

An initiative that began a few years ago when I gifted a bunch of flowers and a coffee to someone struggling and going through a hard time. They sent me a message a few days later to thank me for such a kind gesture when they were going through a difficult time. 

Following on from this day I decided to begin gifting to people that I had heard were going above and beyond for others and then began to involve my network of small businesses in the local area too. Friends and family began to donate too.  

Over the last four years this initiative has donated over 100 gifts to people in the community who just go about their day giving to others and expecting nothing in return. 

This year we’re doing it again. So I am looking for gifts and also nominations of people to receive them. The Random Acts of kindness launches on the 1st Dec 2023 and will begin to deliver within Bourne and surrounding areas everyday until Christmas. This initiative  

 If you want to take part or nominate please email me directly on info@hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk or pop me a call on 07540873928 

“You’ve got the power!!”

Not just a great old skool song but in reality, we are the ones that hold all the answers to ourselves and where we want to go. 

No one knows more about you than you. This truly enlightening piece of information truly enables us to understand that when stress and life stuff gets in our way, we find it harder to find the answers and manage our own issues. When this builds up over time, we then begin to doubt our own capabilities and answers. Struggling to know what to do. Incomes overwhelm, uncertainty and a whole load of negativity, our internal stress bucket begins to fill. 

This then contributes to our responses coming from the hippocampus which stores all of our inappropriate and sometimes negative patterns of behaviour. 

Ever had a crap day and eaten a lot of rubbish, ditched the exercise and shut down?  Yep, this is the primitive brain in full motion. 

Many of us believe that we are unable to find the answers, this is also a primitive response, the brain telling us what we can’t do. We need to quieten down the mind and switch its capability to its intellectual state… One of control. 

To do this, we need to look at what is going right!! What has been good?? No matter how small. 

This allows us to see the truth and show us that despite our negative mind trying to butt in, we have still achieved things. Moved forward, noticed where we are going and growing. 

 How often do you do that?? 

You can plan and create lists until you are out of stationary about where you want to go, but please acknowledge every small step along the way. This truly helps us to see all of the journey and notice where we showed up within it. 

When we notice the things that have gone well, we actual fire off the same positive neuro chemicals as we do when we have done it. Our wonderful brain does not know the difference between real and imagined and so use it for its benefits. 

At the end of everyday acknowledge “what’s been good?”. Ask your partner, children, friends, choose to take part in and promote a positive conversation, you will be amazed at how things can begin to change. 

If you are feeling like a negative Nelly and need a boost over the winter months, you can arrange a FREE initial consultation at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy and support you to be winter ready… ? 



Random Acts of Kindness

November brings a different dynamic to Hummingbird Hypnotherapy with the launch of our 4th Random Acts of Kindness.

Every year we take donations from local small businesses to give back to the community and support others.

The whole idea began four years ago when I visited a friend who was going through a tough time. So I went and bought her some flowers, a Costa and a cake and she was over the moon. She said that no one had ever done that for her and really appreciated it.

That day when I left her I decided to gift a few extra random acts that year and promised to make it bigger the following year.

Now four years later we have delivered over 250 gifts from local businesses to local residents supporting both small business owners and giving the gift of kindness.

If you would like to get involved with Random Acts of Kindness and donate please get in touch with Nicole at Hummingbird Hypnotherapy info@hummingbirdhypnotherapy.co.uk all gifts will be donated to nominees within a five mile radius of Bourne by Nicole and her two elves this year Danie and Finula.

Spreading kindness and festive cheer to as many people as we can. Every donation helps.

If you are struggling this year with Christmas and the festive season solution focused clinical hypnotherapy can support you to have a relaxed and stress free Christmas. All clients will receive a free initial consultation.